Teachings No. 31 (3) This year’s Setsubun will see Kunitokotachinomikoto appear in this world.

February 6

This year’s Setsudetsu is very meaningful.

There was a very big miracle for me, and I can’t say that yet, but I’ll talk to you sooner or then. The meaning of this Setsubun has a lot to do with the main teachings. It is not the empty one, and it is like the world in the daytime of this so to speak in the age when man who obtained deity lived though it is very old, and it is said the God fee. God who presided over the world at that time is a god called Each national honor.

This God is a very strict God, and because he took a policy of not allowing wrong things, from so many Gods … eight million Gods … that even then, public opinion was too much to do, so it was better to push it in, so as a result of the exclusion movement and the pushing movement, it was pushed in. So ushitora pushed it to a point (between east and north). And, because it was said that it did not come out to the world again, the bean was stir-fried, it sowed, and it pushed it in like the condition because the fried bean was not supposed to sprout at that time , saying that “It may come out when the flower bloomed in the frying bean”. That made him a very bad God. This is in the tip of Omoto’s brush, but it is “It is said, evil god and tathy god, and it pushed Me”. And, the theory that it was frightening when it crossed toward the demon gate because the demon gate was a bad god, and various things were done was made. And, onimon was educated to be frightening at all. Because it continues now, the person dislikes onimon very much. However, the fact is opposite, and it is a very good and splendid God. However, it became such a thing because it was too correct, and the root became the world of the night still at that time. Then, because the national standing image is a system of the fire, it will have to retreat first in the world at night. First of all, it is 3,000 years in the brush tip. And, because it has finally been 3,000 years, this time I will go out into the world because the time has come, and it will be a big play of 3,000 worlds in various … brush tip. The god of this pushed system … the general is a god named tenson amanowakahiko … this is often said to be a heavenly demon… but that God was the general, and various gods belonged to that faction. When it was pushed in, it is supposed to have become Enma the Great for 3,000 years because the life disappeared, it died, it went to the spirit world, and it became Enma the Great for 3,000 years. The brush tip says, “This time, we will appear as the enma of this world, and we will rebuild the world.” That means being judged. Until now, he has judged the dead spirits of the spirit world, but this time he will judge living human beings. In other words, evil is no longer allowed. For that reason, he created the Omoto-dai-daisye. When I became a believer in Omoto, I unders learned a lot about the superficial and the spiritual, so I left Omoto and created it from Kannon to The Salvation. At the very beginning of the brush tip, he said, “I have become the world of the ushitora, the flower of the plum blossoms that open at once in the 3,000 worlds. It opened with plum blossoms and became a god country that can be cured by pine. Japan is a divine country. This world is a world where God does not like it.” It is said, “The flower of the plum which opens at once in 3,000 worlds”, and the plum is very important. Then ushitora god of the world becomes The Great Enma in the spirit world, and becomes a Kanzeonbosatsu in the present world. Kanzeonbosatsu becomes his brother Hanahime, but his brother Hanahime works in the god world and becomes the god of Ito Noh sales. Brother’s Hanahime is said elder brother’s flower flower and it becomes a plum tree alumever this is elder brother’s hanahime and the flower princess of the tree. Because the plum blooms first, it becomes elder brother’s flower. After that, the flower of the tree Hanasaki Yahime becomes the flower of the cherry tree. In this case, it is a work of the French world, and Hanasaki Yahime of the tree becomes Kannon-like. Princess Hanasaki of the tree of Mt. Fuji is enshrined in the middle of the summit. On the right side of the top entrance is Hisashi Shrine, but this is called Kudoryu Gonji, and because it becomes the guardian deity of Princess Hanasaki of the tree, it is protected with a dragon. This is the dragon god who possessed me. And, princess Hanasaki of the tree is a cherry tree, and this becomes working of The Buddha. Therefore, my brother Hanahime becomes god’s work. And, it went out to India at first because Princess Hanasaki of the tree worked of the Buddha. Therefore, this becomes such a connection in France because it becomes a flower of the cherry tree. So this year’s Setsubun ushitora the first time that the god of gold will appear as the enma of the world. Therefore, the referee becomes severe from now on. However, this does not do from the beginning, and God gradually grows up. Therefore, it is possible to think that such a thing might be one appearing alcause various corruption cases have come out overlapping recently. And, it is supposed to be a parting of good and evil when what the result which becomes so is. That is, good wins and evil loses. Then, the Salvation will develop. Because such a good, wonderful religion cannot be so gutted, it is possible to develop Doshidshi. However, the slow development is that evil is more possible. Therefore, it goes well if it does so because it weakens gradually though it thinks so that it is possible to understand this, to be impressed, to become a believer, and to become a person.

I talked about the significance of Setsubun.


[Lecture 12 p190]