a series of miracles in a business

Glory, No. 146, March 5, 1952

Miyazaki M.N.

I work asa local sales office chief of acertain fire insurance company, and have been made to enter the belief in September, 1946.
At that time, I did not expect at
all that a thing of I wouldn't have been promised such a major conversion to my future fate, but the family of dark 澹sying diseases like the devil's nest was gradually changed to a family drifting in the spring breeze with this opportunity. After that, I received the dedication of Daiko Meirai, The Folding Screen Kannon, and the family of four, and the family was accepted into the life of unique faith. The performance of the company gradually improved from about 1947 and a half, and it was made to receive the blessing of an interesting amount in the aspect of the material. I was the one who thoroughly did everything, and the use of the divine work was me of the place where I was a little uneasy about being so absorbed only in the service of the church at that time, but now it is clear god. When you are trying hard to do business, the company business also progresses well, and when the business is not interesting because of something, I experienced that the results of the company's business go wrong.
Because of the peculiarities of the work, there is a considerable unexpected income other than the monthly salary, so in that case, I will always be rewarded with more than 10% of the amount as a dedication in front of The God, but the next day, the next day, I will be given the grace one after another to the combination that says that unexpected money will crawl in. If you come up with any big negotiations, first use a small amount, ask Mitsumi Nyorai for protection, and leave the rest to you, the problem will go smoothly until about half a day, and unexpected difficulties will appear, but still, If you leave everything to me that this is God's convenience, it will develop advantageously in the last five minutes, and the various processes are different from when the problem is solved, but if you make it the best, you will remember that it is the best, and you will be grateful every day for life in God's protection without any worries or fears. In such a condition, the result of one month of the synchronization last year was finished in about half a month, and it became to show the result more than twice as much as the synchronization last year every month. Let's say this fact has a significant impact on the faith of other believers. Mr./Ms. Kanaita said, "To tell the truth, I do not have the prospect by all means though the bill due date of the bank of 100,000 yen approaches tomorrow as much as possible in the case of the sinking when Mr./Ms. Kanaita who is ardently believed was visited by the matter of the church though it is shallow day after entering the bank on November 19 when one example is cited. Because it loses the trust of the bank if it does not go well, and it suffers a fatal blow", the circumstances of agony are 披, and it is a consultation with "What should I do?". Then, I said, "Then first raise the god skewer fee of the guardian wish before the gods, and sincerely make a guardian wish to Mitsumi Nyorai. In that case, it is not a feeling that I will be troubled if I can't make money, but that if business doesn't go well, I will not be able to use my divine work," said Mr. Kanaita, who immediately asked me to visit the church. How about that? The next day, Mr. Kanaita breathed and said, "Mr. Mizukubo, I was able to do it. I was able to make 170,000 yen." It is a report of the feeling of trembling the voice when 170,000 yen was able to be done in the place of 100,000 yen in the money of the bank, too suddenly, and I also ate the face. I was momentarily touched by this report, which was both great and solemn. After that, Mr. Kanaita doubled the credit of the bank and succeeded in pulling out 400,000 yen of gold without bond, and the business
is going on to rise more and more firmly.
An example of protection on the business side is simple, but I wo
uld like you to report it here.
nk you, Myo-sama.

(February 5, 1942)