If the reigo is thick, the protection is large.

Osaka K.M.

Asalready reported on the newspaper radio, the house moved with a very heavy sound at about 00:30 on February 28 when leaving, and various tools in the indoors were sleeping on the second floor away from the state of falling from the shelf and a great earthquake, and we jumped by surprise and jumped up and ran down. Stuttering twice. There is no room next to the shop (facing the road慚 but the pillars are broken into two pieces, the bookshelf falls down, the items on the shelves fall down, the floor also collapses, and the taxi is getting in. MomentShimatta and shout. The second son A (18 years old) and clerk Y are sleeping in this room. A book box sewing machine etc. are folded on top of the kamadan and it falls.If you look at it by suppressing the refreshing chest and removing such things, clerk Y is non-human resources. I will do the pure spirit immediately and 乍 "Y! Y!」 When I called it, I finally regained my proper mind. Next, I looked for A and Kamadan, and Icouldn't find any shadows or shapes. After the husband also calls "A" because it is too much of a surprise for a moment, the voice does not come out. Then all of a sudden I thought, "It's your protection. Thank you very long." "What's wrong?" he asks, "It's strange, it's totally strange. A said, "It sleeps on the second floor because it did not want to sleep between the shops below somehow tonight" when hearing , saying that "What?" because it came out holding the kamadan at exactly about 10 o'clock, and it went up. 屹'm sleeping upstairs. It is a guardian at all. If I had slept here young, I could have died instantly because it was just the center of the disaster. And it is a miracle that Iwas relocated two hours ago, thank you for your protection." Well, in the face of this incident, the H branch president T teacher says, "Purification is not only a disease. It appears in various aspects, and the spirit becomes thick by always working toward goodness, and piling up morality, and the spirit position improves. Then, the sin will disappear, and it is possible to fall and escape by any disaster, so please 縋 the heart of the family" I received guidance.

Because I received the teaching obediently and was doing as much service as possible, I was saved on the verge of a total danger of life. In particular, it is up to you to see the precious experience that "when the reigo becomes thick and the protection grows, even the scene of the disaster is not encountered". Even 乍 now, I was made to feel that I could not do my best at all in the great virtue of Daiko Mei nyorai. The master runs the business of the confectionery in Hokkaido and the Hokuriku district, and a lot of visitors also visited by the news of the radio newspaper, and this miracle is told in the section, and it appeals, "I am polishing the soul from the life to receive the protection in the time of faith", and I am possible to lead it. I am convinced that with the great power of The Great Light MingNyorai, this is the one that the ancestor spirit and A's own guardian spirit avoided difficulties beforehand. Of course, I believed in the whole family, and Mitsuaki Nyorai-sama also dedicated, and I guided several people, but愈 I would like to talk to my customers and peers from time to time and make a faith together. I reported this miracle with a poor brush.

Thank you verymuch, Myojo. (May 1, 1942)