To make an effort and leave it to God

'Glory' No. 114, July 25, 1941

The main source of faith

As we always say, faith is fundamental to the heart of entrusting it to the first God. Therefore, it is not possible to go well even if the thing is done to people by man's interpretation. However, it is natural that any protection can be received if even God's desire is fulfilled because the great god of this teaching presides with absolute power though the effort in the correct meaning is a liver kidney. Because it appeared very difficultly, the story on the left thought that it was a good example and added this sentence. Because it is God who becomes the world of the disease pedophile fightless after all, if it does not go as thought by any chance, if it reflects well and it thinks, the cause can be remembered somewhere without all means.

Shizuoka T.K.

In April 1947, I have received countless guardians since I entered the company, and I have sent a day of gratitude every day, but I will report a part of it here. I will not forget, I was there in september last year, my family who has continued a hard life even for the only time, because my husband was on the floor of a great purification for August 1 month, there is no way of income at all, on the other hand, spending is only increasing, I will be at the urging of the tax that has stalled on it, if I do not pay it by any means this month, I will have a late payment, I will pay it by all means , I was at a loss at all.I wanted to do an inside job (Japanese court) and asked people I knew, but I could hardly get a job, and even if I looked around, there was nothing to sell, and I wanted to borrow from my parents' house, so I consulted my husband to that effect.

At that time, the master says, "There is something big between us when we become such a state even if we are in this supreme absolute God繩 but no matter how much we think about it, the only thing we think is, let's do our best to ask for the protection until now." While listening to this master,A source of light has come into my heart, which was closed to darkness.

"Yes, it's an effort, I can make an effort, and I can be protected for the first time in my heart"I went to bed that night, feeling the hope that it would come up in my heart, and from the next day I'm here because something I didn't think had started, my father at my parents' house paid the money and paid the tax, and he came to ask for tailoring from the neighborhood, even if he didn't ask for anything. I worked hard, determined that "this work is a job given by God, okay, let's make it up by the day of appointment even if I stay up all night", and while the work was still unfinished, I could not make it even if I really stayed up all night with the next job, and I was grateful for God's favor, but sometimes I was happy to scream.

Each time, my husband said, "No matter how busy your work may be, you should never refuse. God will give you the length you can do, so if you can't do it by yourself, you'll give me a man," he encouraged me, and while the place was going to pass smoothly for about a month, this time I could still get a lot of work, but I couldn't get a lot of tailoring money, "Why? I'm not going to spend the money on zeitak or bad things, I'm wondering why I can't thank you for helping my master's teachings." The master who came back from the teaching looked at my complexion and asked, "What are you thinking", so I answered the right effect, and the master said, "What you are thinking is not wrong, It's right, you're doing your best to help godly work from the help of the gods by sewing, metaphysically, giving you a job, and thanking everyone god You give it to me using others, you just have to do the job you're given hard and get through it, and god will do it for you, so don't worry if you leave it to God. To think so much about rabbits and horns would be to put out man power even to God's minutes, and that would make me even more attached," but I was not convinced. I made it clear overnight, and only the next morning I noticed that what I was thinking had become me and became an obsession without knowing it, and I apologized for the amount in front of God, so I was there, no matter how much I asked for the thing in the early morning, I delivered the later work with thanks from the house that I could not thank, and continued to it, I will make it easier as soon as I can have a permanent job. Recently, there have been about three daughters of the Wasa-san apprentice, and I have received requests from several more people, and the above facts have informed me that misfortune is gradually resolved by those who take the cloudiness of the spirit, that is, by spiritually improving, as the Teachings say. Since then, anxiety has disappeared in my mind, and every day seems just happy and enjoyable.

Let's say that it is a state of reassuring life, or I would like to inform you of the gredest of the King Ming's teachings and the happiness that I have been allowed to enter the Teachings of salvation, and I would like to inform those who are sending sad days to unhappy circumstances that there is a great way to take as soon as possible. Then, I cry at the high favor of the King Tomorrow, and finish a poor sentence with this.