The spirits of our ancestors are saved early in the spirit world.

Is the doctor a jinjutsu?

The Miracles of the World Salvation, September 10, 1953

It is an opposite idea only in the opposite way of thinking only in this because it did not know the basis of the medicine, and it was not possible to stop this, and it was said that the doctor was a nijutsu for a long time. Because we want to understand this, we are fractured very much, and if you look at the story on the left, you can see well that it is not a mistake because the spirit says from the spirit world. It is a frightening reverse act far from jinjutsu even if it sees by this. It is often heard that there are too many people of unhappiness misfortune in the descendant of the doctor to be recalled about this. Therefore, if the doctors knew about this, they would not be able to do without pessimity. In a word, there will not be a story which does not fit so much if a lot of people are made unhappy with the medical industry, and I also become unhappy. Because it is my Salvationism to save this, doctors want you to know this and think greatly.

Shimane Prefecture Y.M

Since I entered Japan on December 13, 1949, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for being able to spend every day fun and cheerfully without any anxiety while being in this cloudy world with the thick protection of Myo-lord.
I am really sin-free, but I will report without omitting a second or three essays from the guardians I receive every day.
Shortly after my marriage, my husband left behind two boys, seven months old and four months old, and a grandmother who turned 80 years old, and died in February 1949 from tuberculosis, so I was worried about a weak child. I lived lonely while suffering from conflict, but I could not do it by all means with a child without milk in the relief fee received from the city, and I came to my parents' house in August of that year and went to work, A weak child had to be taken to the hospital due to fever diarrhea, etc., so the office had to be late or leave early, and there was no reason for the painful thing. Because it was necessary to hear the story of this precious God from the elder brother of the parents' house in November, and to rely on something still while doing so, I visited the monthly festival of the E town branch on November 18. At that time, the younger child had otitis in the middle, so I received a pure spirit from President I immediately. However, it stopped perfectly from the next day that the pus had come out till then. I thought this was strange, and I had it passed for a little or three days, and I received the pure spirit from the S branch president teacher and had it completely re-established. So this is strange, I thought thank you, and I received a thank you from Mr. S in the branch on December 13 to enter anyway. From this, the child also stopped going to the hospital at all. Thank you for your 乍, I will be fine each time, and at that time, my two children, who were always said to be malnourished even if I took them out to the examination of children, are completely energized, play with mischief every day, and I am also allowed to work with peace of mind. I would also like to express my gratitude for my lord's protection.
However, the trial still came to me who was a lot of sin. It is a call of the arrow from the landlord to leave the house at the end of 24 years. Why should there be a house to replace in the crippled age of this house? In addition, children are disliked. Because I had no choice, I finally rented one of my parents' house and moved to the present place. My brother also enthusiastically believes, and we are dedicated to the divine body, the image, and the folding screen Kannon. I still can not forgive while wanting to be dedicated as soon as possible,

The god body is not dedicated, but The Folding Screen Kannon will be dedicated the year before last, and I will read hymns and papers every day. However, I was allowed to study the folding screen Kannon like the teachings of My lord, and I learned how the spirits of ancestors can be saved quickly in the spirit world by reading papers every day.

One of them is that in May last year, my husband's life mother, who was unknown to me, possessed me, "I committed suicide in Korea more than 20 years ago, fell into hell by the sin of being a former nurse and was suffering, but I was saved by Mitsuming Nyorai and now I go up to heaven, and my husband also goes to a good place and lives happily. This is also because you believe," he said with great joy, "I have to give back."
The second was the beginning of September, and when I read the book of gods 'Spirit World Story' in front of The Buddha, I suddenly felt that my shoulders became heavier from my head, and it lasted a little or three days. When I received the pure spirit from my brother, there was a possessed phenomenon, and my husband's grandfather came out. According to it, "I am in hell now. This person (I) enters this faith and worships it every day, but what I thought was, because I read the spirit world story from the other day, my feelings also changed. At first I thought I was going to say something like that, but as I listened more and more, I was not good at it. This is not the way to go. It is thought that it will train with all one's heart when hearing that it will go from now on, and it will become good. However, I am at the bottom of hell now, so I can't go up easily, but I'm sure I'll be able to get it out to a good place in it. I'm in hell because I used to be a doctor. I didn't have that pile, but I can't help it. After all, the doctor was useless", and various things were said, and it was said, "It worshiped well every day because I was going to spend it to the heart in the future at the end, and my wish was only that". As a result, the doctor thought that it was good to help people by saying that it was a human art, but if you go to the spirit world豈 what is going to hell by making a time and sin ?
Next, this sinful I also have a long-time wish come true, and I am deeply grateful that I received the visit to the west of The Lord this time, but I will also report the guardian who received it at that time.
The head was heavier than the possession of the grandfather today a little before, and the medulla obtinence occipital head purified 5 or 6 times a day, and the feeling that the brain heaven tightened was done completely by the visit. As a result, I learned how strong the Spirit light of Myojo is, and how important it is to be more and more purified by visiting and to meet.
Thank you very much, Myo-sama. I would like to express my deep gratitude to you and finish today's report.
(February 27, 1943)