be saved from a money-missing hell

Glory, No.180, October 29, 1952

Oita S.A

I am a poorworker who earns a family of nine. I have reported the inemission treatment three times for eight months since I entered the hospital, but this time I would like to thank you again for the release from the long-awaited pedany, and I will dare to spell out my sentences for the reference of those who lament the misfortune of all economic aspects. In the guidance of Mr. K and Mr. Y onthe solution of pedast, "True happiness cannot be obtained only by desire for self-happiness. First of all, I will try to please others, and first of all, I will cooperate fully in God's work such as donation money", so first of all, from the point of view of the happiness of others, I will make an effort with abnormal enthusiasm for cure disease, and as I have reported again and again, I will receive a great protection, and I will be convinced that illness etc. do not require any attention every day. At the same time乍 as for the donation, I have been panting poorly for the past ten years, so I knew that it was just a bad thing 乍 it was a lazy win, and I even thought that it was impossible to ask for a solution of poverty.
 However, I was seen suffering from "money missing disease" too much, and Dr.
Y said, "If you have a cure, it is fine with 儘 now, but now go one step further andsee God as chitinchitin even if it is difficult. I'm sure it's going to change." I was also exhausted by pedany, so I decided to change my path first because I thought I was deceived and decided to change my way first, and put "God's thing first" into practice with the motto "First of all, it was 50 days ago. It failed because of the financial difficulty, and I who was in the country which did not understand the west and the east in this age of the employment difficulty and the money-packing were at a loss already because of the financial difficulty, and it had been repatriated with the face of "Bee on the crying side" for the first time in five years. Then, on the morning of the second day of my homecoming, mr. O of this teacher told me about the job offer of one lumberworker of the employment security office because I heard it on the radio this morning. When I immediately hit the stabilization place, it was construction enforcer H construction of the Xingyan silk E factory under construction in this city now.When I immediately negotiated with the general affairs section chief of the company, the next time I installed a sawn-off machine for the first time, the story was settled without any pain than our desire, I was paid the highest salary above the first and second class from hundreds of sawn timberworkers in the city, and only I was given a monthly salary system compared to other daily salaries, and I was blessed with a truly favorite condition of4 days of paid leave per month, More than that, even wife N was to be hired at the same time at the highest salary as a girl. In addition, when the construction is completed, I will take over the new company. Then, the person named Mr./Ms. B from the lumber section supervisor Fukuoka Prefecture where I receive direct command came to the day off time, and it was said, "I had the comrade-in-law of the carpenter named Mr. S of the same family name as you in the place coming from here, and it was the one that it was very indebted, and it was surprised or surprised at the remainder, and my younger brother C wasa carpenter, and the call was Kagoshima. Mr. B was greatly pleased to say, "It is strange and strange", and it was said that the wages of you lumberers were still cheap among various craftsmen in this construction site, and it was negotiated with the section chief, and both of them decided to raise again from the end of this month. And, the thing which had given up suddenly comes when the money of the loan loss enters, and it does not sell in the last 50 days or more, and the national tax and the business tax of an unjust prospect tax decrease by as much as 70 percent, and the miracle which meets ten other fingers appears next to not ask, and it is surprised and it cries as much as the divine thought. Here, for the first time, he was rescued from the money-missing hell that had been panting for ten years, and in the morning and evening, he gave his gratitude to the Lord's high favor, and the dark laughter came to be heard in the home. I especially emphasize the following things for people with gold missing disease who pant with the same disease as me.
 It is the fact that if these two things of God's money and making others happy are executed, the money will come back to hand several hundred times. God's abacus must be good for the greed for happiness. Will it be only by cooperating with the economy for diseases and diseases t
hat god will protect both of them as rewards?
 Don't get lost in the way of your life. This is "a donation for good care". The first thing to do before we mourn pedany is the execution of these two things. World Salvation
believers have such a short way to happiness.
 Thank you very much, Myojo. I will encourage you to pa
rtof your holy work more and more.
      (October 15, 19