Stop leaking rain with the pure spirit

The Miracles of the World Salvation, September 10,1953


Thank you for your endless protection day and night. Thank you very much. There is no sign that the rain that has been raining since last evening will stop even if it becomes 9 o'm this morning, and I will report with a poor brush that I received protection for the leak while crying in the tears of new gratitude whilehearing the heavy rain sound.
In September, 1940, I was allowed to
enter this grateful road, and since I received a thank you from the hand of the chairman teacher in the M town in November, I have received the protection for the purification of the disease in countless times, and I sincerely express my gratitude. Originally, the purification of the economy was severe, and it was not possible to repair the damage of the roof tile at all, and it was evacuated between the Buddhist altars by carrying the carrying load while bringing the child to the futon by the poor side and the master and two people, especially in the rain in the middle of the night in the horse hole (bath) and the hot pot in a little rain. I don't think those who have experience will know the mingle and idd of the sound of leaking rain that hits the 佗, but it is beautiful. At times, the master, who could not accumulate in the too heavy raindrops, stepped on the tile which climbed up to the roof in the rain and repaired it several times. However, it was because the leak still did not stop only by changing the place after all when other tiles were trampled and staggered even if the place had apparently come still. I think it's around the end of May. I was caught 廂 the sound of the rain tapping the topan in the middle of the night. As usual, you can hear a nasty sound in the back of the ceiling. Soon something cold would fall, there was no choice, I would wake up my husband and try to get up thinking I could carry the children again. At that time, a few letters that came to mind, it was an article that many of the divine virtues in the report of Mr. N of Kobe City that I saw on "Glory" paper someday, and that I would stop leaking rain. Myo-sama, Daiko Mei nyorai-sama, I am also saddened by the leak of rain. Please save me like that person. I'm sorry that I, who is still sinful enough not to be possible to take my husband into this way, would like to say good possible things about such insects, but I would like to ask for your best wishes. Please give me miracles, please save me, and it was a very waste story, but while I said sorry in the floor, I was staring at the ceiling with the cold thing that will fall now. I can still hear the sound.
However, the cold one which was sure to have to fall naturally did not fall a drop at last until the rain stopped. I'll tell you where the rainwater in the ceiling that sounded so rough happened. No matter how heavy the rainfall was that night, you no longer had to carry your child like a carrier. And, when a long long rainy season is passed safely, and it tries to play a good saying hymn toward the Buddhist altar as usual that night when the rainy season tries to be revealed soon before long, the order of the tile is disturbed. Because I intuited with my husband's work, I told my husband as I was taught about the position of the tablet. However, it is very angry, "The house is this street for a long time, and you one person does the wrong thing" only if it does not believe at all. I was also very sorry, but no, it is this thing that Mr. Suzuki told me, and it is not angry, and it does not suffer hard, and the tablet is left as it is and it is said, "It is as you know. Let's have some unpleasant people. Please let my husband know that this thank you road will be a dream as soon as possible." And I slept before I d bed. Mother was cold, and the child's voice jumped. The rain that began to fall before one is against us wets the mosquito net through the boards on the ceiling, and the children's night clothes are already quite wet. The thing that flashed in my head like lightning, it is a tablet that I left as it is in the evening. The mosquito net and the night gear flew in front of the Buddha as it was and said, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry to apologize for my unsasynthmised that the right thing should be corrected grandly, no matter how my ancestors say it. Please forgive me" and apologized, I corrected the order to the original position. And I dedicated my good words and hymns. Miracles were received. The leak of rain gradually narrowed, and the fruit did not fall even a drop. Seeing this fact around his eyes, the master of the stone was never disturbed again. For more than seven months from that night until this month, there was no need for a bucket in any heavy rain, and the inside of the house was warm while hearing the cold rain that still fell outside, and only tears of new gratitude flowed to the great mercy o
fhiroshima universitylessness. Thank you, Myo-sama.
 Thank you very much. Pleas
eguide me forever.
(December 25, 194