About the strength of the light

In my light

Glory, No. 237, December 2, 1953

I thought that the report on the left which was ina recent thanks story was a light that the psychic was a child and waded to various aspects, and added this sentence because this was needless to say because the believer knew well. And, it is useless to read this, and there might be a person who wants to obtain such an ability by reading this, too, and this spiritual vision is accurate, too. Because man is given his own abilities, everything is up to God. And, my light is becoming stronger to the moon by the day, and the number of people who see it in various forms increases eventually, and how to cure the disease becomes remarkable accordingly, and the miracle becomes the same. Therefore, it becomes more and more interesting because the undersanity becomes early in general, and the number of people who are saved increases, too.
 Because there is not one person since the human race hajime only has the light that I have like this, it is because of it that the trouble of the disease pedophile was not able to do anything. Therefore, to be fair, even the founder and the saint of any religion from old times have weak power from my point of view, and it hits about the disciple, and this is because the time has come at all.

Oita N.N

There is absolutely no doubt that "light comes out of the tsarism" because it feels inspiration in the body when receiving the pure spirit, and the fact that the disease is cured by the pure spirit, there is absolutely no doubt that it is inductively, but I have never been able to see the light itself. Of course, it is always seen by me and my family that thin light comes out of the divine body, but it has never been seen that light comes out of the photograph of the guardian and the Myo-lord.
 However, since around the spring of this year, my eldest son S (9 years old) has received the ability to see the light, thank you very much, and of course it is full of inspiration. To tell the truth, S sometimes said, "I can see the light coming out of the tantrant" from around the spring of this year, but I did not stop to mind what the child said. At the same time, I often say, "Then, how about from the photograph of the god body and the Myo-lord?", I will say, "From the god body, a stronger light than the guardian comes out, and even stronger light comes out from the photograph". When I asked him where the light came from in the photo, he replied, "The light comes out of my wife's entire body, but especially the strongest light comes out of my stomach," and I was surprised to see the light here for the first time.
 As a result of various experiments since then, it seems that they have the ability to see light completely. I showed dozens of believers of our branch, especially qualified believers, M middle church president teachers, etc. by visiting the middle church, but I would say that a shining golden light will come out. When you see a person who is doing a pure spirit, it is said that there will be a lot of light coming out of his tinge and hundreds and thousands of golden lights coming out of his palm. And the thickness and strength of the light are different for each person. Each person is different in size from sewing thread to sewing thread, cotton thread, chopsticks, fire chopsticks, small finger, middle finger, thumb. I was informed by Myo-sama's teachings that "the strength of the light of the Pure Spirit depends on the degree of faith of the person and the handling of the ting."
 In addition, the strength thickness of light is very different about the attitude when the same person purifies. There is a big difference in the strength of light between when you are concentrating your mind on the pure spirit and when you are purifying while looking at it or talking.
 It is also different when you sit down and when you bend your knees. It is different from the time when the palm is made to face the place where the purification is made and it is oblique. It seems that the strongest light comes out when the forehead, the palm, and the three people of the pure spirit place are made to be aligned, and the desire to send light is strongly worked.
 In particular, it is a big difference between when you pull out the power of your hands and purify, and when you are focusing on it. It is exactly as my lord taught.
 I have been informed of these details in detail, and I have been made to reflect greatly on the attitudes of the believers at the time of their own faith and purification.
 Next, I was informed that the light was transparent and went very far. It is said that the light coming out of the palm pierces any obstacle, goes forward like the light of the sun, and the center is especially strong light.
 In addition, it is also informed that the light coming out of the god body of Daiko Mei nyorai is many times the size of the light coming out of the terration, and the light coming out of the photograph of The Lord is many times the size of the light coming out of the god body, and it is an honor to protect the divine body and the image! Thank you very much.
 I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the extremely greatness of being made to reflect on 裨 faith, and to be profited from the foolishness of the light that ordinary people cannot see. Thank you very 洵, Myo-sama. I would like to express my sincere gratitude.
 In addition, please forgive me to be able to 恙 the service of the divine work further in the future. Thank you.