By purifying the accident, you will be taught how to go directly to the Mesiya

Thank you report

Masaya Sato

It has been 24 years since I came to Japan for work from Brazil.
And it has been 14 years since I received a connection from The Mesiya Schoolto The Mesiya Matsubara.
I will report the guardian who rec
eived this time.
I can't write in Japanese, so it's a s

I have been protected many times, but this time I was able to save my life.

December 15, 2020
I'm on my wa
y home by bicycle after work.
It was a very w
indy day.
The hat I was wearing w
as also blowing, but the wind was blocked because the tent was put up because it passed through the construction section.
However, as soon as I passed the
construction section, my hat was blown off by a strong wind from the front.
I slammed on the front whee
l brakes of my bike and was thrown from my head into the asphalt road.
I think I was lost for a few seconds.
n I noticed, the bicycle was on my body,
couldn't understand what had happened for a while.
As I stagge
red back, I was able to understand the situation.

I was in pain in my face and left hand.
His face was bleeding by rubbing his nose, but
the damage to his face seems to have been alleviated by the breakage of his glasses.
The left hand was wearing gloves, but there was a big hole and it seemed to be q
uite an impact.
It was red-black and swollen and like a glove.
The most surprising thing
Because the following car was cut off, it was not
possible to run over.
Because it is a ge
neral road, it is a road where cars pass constantly.
I'm horrifie
d to think that there was a car running right behind me.
I realized that the Mesiya saved my life.
If you think about it, th
e hard work continues and the gratitude fades someday.
Regardless of what you wished for.
The action toward The Ho
sai was also sparse.
I sincere
ly apologize for that.
From that day on
Head, neck and sh
oulders with self-purification every day
I worked
for 1 hour a day, mainly on the affected area and kidneys, and 3 hours on Saturdays and Sundays.
In addition, I was allowed to read an
d read for one hour.

The wound on my face became beautiful in two weeks, and my left hand, which was blue-black and swollen, was also beautiful when I participated in the service of a naturally cultivated field three weeks later.
ough this, he gave me awareness that I was not carrying out my promise to the Mesiya, and allowed me to make a decision to go to The Hosai.

Turn the great difficulty into a small difficulty
I'm very relieved that you saved your
Reflecting on my ambiguous
I sincerely apo
I am determined to carry out my promise to
the Mesiya.
Thank you very much.