A miracle of abscess that lasts for 8 years by the prayer of altruity love, and receives protection

Thank you very much for your protection.
Even though I was allowed to connec
t with the Mesiya for eight years…
The pus storage gets better and it gets
worse again, and the pus of the pus can not be put out … The mass of pus accumulated in the pool pushed out the eyes and the eyeball was about to fall off.
With such an ugly figure, I spent days that not only others but also my family could not save.
As it is… To the Mesiya who
tied the edge, there is no way even if it is extremely rude and pinched …
I apologized to The Mesiya.
I can't s
ave people now. Please change it to a beautiful figure suitable as a disciple of the Mesiya. I'm very sorry to this day. Please forgive me. I will save others. We will always practice the purification. We sincerely apologize for your protection.

And because there was a person who was careful
I prayed in front of God. I'm sorry I've been quiet so far.
Mr. Mesiya... Please let me meet you. Let mesave you. 
Let them learn words that can be saved. I read the book of God, which
was sorry, and spelled out what I wanted to convey on paper.
the change was seen immediately, eyes were quite drawn in, and it was surprised, and it was moved by the greatness of the light of the god book reading at the sametime.
The spirits also took their kidneys seriously, especially to stay for at least an hour.
Please, may god work be done in
the will of the Mesiya… Revive your deity. I was filled with the thought of saying.
I continued to pray by correcting the attitude of morning worship and evening worship so that I could use it every day.
By the
time the 10th passed, my eyes were so close that I could hardly know, and it was sunny as if the light was shining.

After 10 years of contacting an old person, I was able to meet them and practice the pure spirit. It hasn't changed at all when I parted from that person, my eyes are sparkling. It was thought that the word which did not think that it had been said, and the word supported me from the Mesiya-sama, and the chest was filled with too much gratitude.

I still look in the mirror many times because I can't believe it has healed. With me in the past, I have had as many fun days as the heavens and the earthturn upside down.

Recently, I have been blessed with people around me, and I have experienced that I feel very happy with their singles. I would like you to be a person who can speak and act in such a way that makes people feel happy.
I will devote myself to the salvation of humanity so that I can become a human being who can be used.

In addition, I will report the protection of one year ago.
I'm seriously fractured in the knee of my leg. Not only were you able to turn the great diff
iculty into a small difficulty, but we also received further protection.
It was life on the bed for a month.
My eldest son took time off work during the period when I couldn't wal
k, and the two younger children had disabilities, but they took care of me and helped me with the housework. Until then, I always came home late at night, and I didn't stop by my house… Now, I eat rice at home every day and 欒 a family group and live my life.

The child with down syndrome at the bottom
I have found a good helper and have helped me to make my life brighter and easier.

The second son of the intellectual disability was not able to find the facility at first because it was sudden, and had no help but to be hospitalized in shape said for a social reason.
However, I had a fever in the hospital, and I was made to take medicine, and bec
ause of that, A rash appeared all over my body due to side effects. They seem to have been forced to take even stronger drugs and antibiotics to stop the rash.
Actually, I am 21 years old now, bu
t I have decided not to take medicine until now and have protected it, so I have never hadmedicine been used since I was born … I think that it reacted considerably tightly to the body.

Then I was discharged from the hospital… After I came home,I had a fever and when I measured it, it lasted more than 39 degrees for a week. Don't you have a purple rashall over your body?
I thought that the rash which had stopped by the medicine came out because it
left the hospital and the medicine was stopped while hospitalized.
And the traces of the rash became scabs, the battered skin turned over, the skin peele
d off, it was removed as if it had molted, and it healed cleanly in ten days.
I thought that I was able to clean up
all the poisons that had been drunk while I was in the hospital in a short period of time. 
To my heart, I thought that medicinal poisons
were horrible.
I want many people to know about medicinal and medicinal poisons, and I'm full of thoughts that I would like to c
Also, even though I had a high fever for a week, I didn't bother me without complaining about the pain of eating rice.
I was stil
l on crutches too… I have been cleansed in a way that will not embarrass me, and I feel tears just for the detailed love of the Mesiya.
In addition, I go to a very good office t
hat I was indebted to at that time, and I spend a peaceful time.
When I was fractured, I
thought I was pushed to hell…
It also quickly switched,
On the other hand, I was abl
e to turn everything in my life into a form of happiness.
Mr. Mesiya, thank you very much for your continued
I would like to do the divine work to reward the rewards so far. Please use it
as a limb.

Thank you very much, Mr. T, for creating this opportunity for this presentation.

I'm sorry for your concern so far.

I will make an effort not to make cloudiness again.
Thank you for reporting your gratitude.
Today, I will take a chang
e of heart and push forward.

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