Put your teachings into your daily life and put them into practice. Receiving Miracles from God

Today, congratulations on the Monthly Festival in April.
I will report the protection that I received this time.
It has been three and a half years since I was related to Meshiyakyo.
I used to be in the Izunome Cult, but I was wondering that it has changed to a teaching that says, “Now I need medicine and surgery at times.”
At that time, after hearing about Meshiyakyo several times from my friend I of the same Izunome cult, I also came to want to go.
And while I learned various things at monthly festivals and study sessions, I noticed that things that were natural in my life so long had been left down, and I was really sorry and apologized.
And, the temporomandibular joint disease which was said not to be cured was cured because the daily morning worship evening worship came to be taught from the base and reading and JHOREI.
When I was tired from a student, my jaw hurts, and I was told that I had temporomandibular joint disease several times, but the pain became intense about 5 years ago, and the pain became severe every time I opened my big mouth and yawned, and when I had a specialist dentist see it, my teeth were not bad because of tooth straightening and body distortion that I did in the third grade of elementary school. It was said that there was only a solution such as doing a mouthpiece and gymnastics so as not to become bad.
So I thought that it would not heal, but every time I read the morning worship evening worship, tears and nose came out every time, and while I was allowed to Jhorei for one hour a day, I began to bleed so much that I thought that my teeth were bad every time I brushed my teeth, and when it was terrible, the washbasin bled so much that it turned red, but strangely I thought that it was not painful but exhilarating and put out bad things, It was very grateful.
As I changed my daily life, I came to know that I was doing a field of natural farming in the MESHIYA MATSUBARA , and I came to participate in the service of the field.
The field is in Nara Prefecture, and it was a place that you can not go unless you are a car, so I bed to think that you can use it for going to the service of the field.
I was not good at insects, and it was only a person who took care not to be good for the field work so that the distinction between crops or weeds was not possible to distinguish.
Therefore, it was only a thought that it was a role to take you, but mr. and Mrs. A who was the person in charge of the field warmly welcomed me and taught me many times, and even if I was a young couple who was no different from my son, I was attracted by a very bright kindness, and I came to be able to go alone someday.
In fact, I have the symptom that my buttocks hurt when I sit in the same shape for a long time in a chair, and it was very painful to endure when I could not move my body, such as watching a theater, not to mention while driving.
The pain in my buttocks doesn’t hurt at all when I’m walking or standing, but at first I felt pain in the pain in my buttocks during driving for 2 hours each way, and I had pain so much that I had to get out of the car and stand on the way.
It came to serve this field, and when I noticed it, the pain was gone.
What a wonderful protection the pain in the jaw and the pain in the buttocks have disappeared together, there is nothing but really gratitude, Thank you very much, Messiah.
By belonging to the cult until now, I believed and misunderstood that I was directly facing the Mesiya.
Also, I had been dedicated to Folding Screen Kannon for a long time, but I was very sorry because I was concerned that I did not enshrine ancestral tablets.
When I visited Mr. Tanaka, the representative, I was told that I would prepare a new sacred body for the sacred dan and the tablets,
The other day, I welcomed a sacred body for the sacred stage in my house and arranged it.
And after it was allowed to welcome the rank tiles of the sacred position from ancestral times, there was an event that I felt that I was directly connected to the Mesiya with my ancestors.
The forehead of “567” and the amount of “salvation” of the mesiya’s handwriting that my grandmother who was an ardent believer from the time of The Mesiya’s reign had received,
I thought that this kind of thing that I did not think that I would donate a photograph of “Miroku TOWER” to Mesiya Matsubara was a thing that my grandmother was really wishing for and worked from the spirit world.
I am surprised and moved that such a wonderful event is coming every day, and there is nothing but gratitude by being able to welcome the sacred body for the sacred stage and adjust the tablet.
And then, just like the two of you, T, who changed your daily prayers,
There was an event that occurred a few days after I changed to a prayer of altruity, “I will save others, I will save you.”.
It’s after work in the field.
I encountered a scene where a heavy iron net fell on my foot and hit my

At first, it was because of the pain in the foot and the blow to the head, but the body was also caused while I was doing the purification, and the ambulance did not have to be called that the pain of the foot was okay, and it was firm enough that the person himself was told that the pain of the foot was okay, and I really embodied the splendor of the pure spirit and the feeling that the Messiah was following me.
Thank you very much, Messiah.

I apologize for the rudeness that did not put the teaching down to daily life and practice it, and it will become the limb of the Mesiya further from now on,
I swear that you will be the power of the Work of the Messiah.
Thank you very much, Messiah.
From now on, we will continue to devote ourself every day, so thank you very much to everyone in Meshiya Matsubara, including Mr. Tanaka, representative of Mesiya Matsubara.
Thank you very much for today.