MIROKU TAISAI Thanksgiving to God

I would like to give thanks for the great purification that I have received and for the things that I have been able to overcome.
It all started on September 21st.
It was the third day after I went to the home of Ms. S, who was suffering from poor health, to perform the Johrei service.
When I returned home, I felt a slight pain in the back of my throat.
On September 22, Ms. S went to work, and her health seemed to have stabilized a little.
On September 23, I visited Mr. S. He told me that his condition was worse than the last time I visited him and that he could not stand it.
She seemed to be getting better as I performed Johrei on her, so I went home earlier than usual that day because I was a little tired.
That night, I started to feel an intense pain in my throat, and when I swallowed spit, the pain was so strong that I fell back.
The pain woke me up several times during the night.
The next morning, September 24
I was concerned about Ms. S’s symptoms and kept trying to contact her, but it was past noon when I got through to her.
Since she was working as a dispatched worker, she asked to take a day off from work due to her poor health, so she had to go to the hospital for an examination.
The test result was positive for corona infection.
Ms. S was placed on standby at home pending instructions from the public health center.
At that point, I was prepared to test positive as well.
I felt like I was infected with corona, which is what people are saying.
My fever has been fluctuating between 38 and 39 degrees Celsius.
I had tarry diarrhea even though I hadn’t eaten, my sore throat was relieved, but my sense of taste was abnormal, normal water felt sweet and it was painful to drink.
Phlegm was stuck in my throat, but it was so viscous that it was hard to expel and made me cry.
Naturally, I couldn’t eat anything and just rested my body.
Even though I was not eating, the pain that felt like my stomach walls were being scraped off continued for a long time, but I think this pain was caused by the poisonous medicine that was stuck to my stomach walls being scraped off.
Fortunately, I have not been to a hospital since before I became a believer, and I have not taken any medicine in my body for almost 30 years.
On the contrary, I think I would have gotten more seriously ill if I had had medicine in my body.
If a common cold is 1
Influenza is 3
Corona infection is 7 to 8
Corona infections are 7 to 8 times more painful.

High fever, headache, sore throat, nausea, cough, tantrums, stomach pain, muscle pain, diarrhea, and
muscle pain, diarrhea, and all these symptoms lasted for almost two weeks.
It was as if I was rehearsing for the final judgment.
I felt as if I was rehearsing for the final judgment, and the thought came to me that in the near future, vaccinated people might have a series of symptoms like this.
After that
I was losing 500 grams a day.
By the time I realized it, I had lost six kilograms.
My body was in so much pain that I started to think of bad things.
I wondered if this was how people died.
I was becoming really negative.
I kept praying to the Messiah while canceling out many times.
Please let me overcome this purification.
Please let me overcome this purification, and let me save those who will suffer in the same way.
I will surely save them.
I could only continue to pray in a daze.
At that time, my only
At that time, my only mental support was the October 3rd
The only support I had at that time was the October 3rd Monthly Service.
I felt that if I could celebrate this day, I would feel a little better.
I was sure of it.
So I strongly prayed that I would be allowed to visit the shrine no matter what.
October 3rd
At this point, I’ve hardly eaten for more than 10 days.
Normally, I would not be able to drive for an hour, but I decided to leave everything to the Messiah.
Strangely enough, my body felt very light and painless.
The walk from the parking lot to the headquarters seemed very far, but
I was relieved when I saw everyone’s faces at the headquarters.
As I received the group Johrei during the ceremony, I felt the light entering my body and reviving my strength.
I’m so glad that I was allowed to attend the service.
I thought, “Thank you, Messiah,” and tears naturally came to my eyes.
I feel the gratitude and weight of being alive very deeply.

At the party after the festival, I was able to choke down a lot of food for the first time in a long time, dishes that were soaked in the love of the people who put their hearts into making them with vegetables from natural farming methods.
It was truly delicious. I couldn’t eat as much as I would have liked, but after that, I started to eat a little more.
I was able to eat a little more.

Through this experience, I felt that I was being kept alive in the deep system of the Messiah.
I can’t do anything on my own.
Everything is driven and kept alive by the thoughts of the Messiah.
Thank you for giving me this precious experience.
I am sure that this will help many people to progress to the next level.