Sarutahiko Omikami is Amaterasu Omikami

In the book "Mystical Doors," I was led to the existence of Sarutahikonomikoto sama by unexpected guidance through the divine rituals. However, the truth will be revealed by following the history and studying to see if there is any authenticity in the rituals. In a book titled "Sarutahiko ookami to doragon" (Sarutahiko ookami and doragon), Sainokami was the first personal deity in Japan, and it is said that it is impossible to understand Sainokami without first learning more about Izumo's ancient history in order to properly know Sainokami, The history of Izumo is depicted in the background. In the Sainokami faith, which has continued since the Yayoi period, the male deity is called Kunatono ookami, the female deity is called Saihimenomikoto, and Sarutahiko ookami is considered the son deity. In Tottori Prefecture, the male deity is said to have changed from Kunatono ookami to Sarutahiko ookami and the female deity to Amenouzume.

As for the origin of the word "Kunato," according to an old legend of the Izumo tribe, the Izumo tribe migrated from the land of long-nosed animals (elephants) and dragon snakes about 3,500 years ago, and the descendants of the tribes that accompanied them later became Jomon people. It is also believed that the ancient Dravidian beliefs changed to the belief in the Great God Kunat, and that the Indus civilization was also founded by the Dravidians about 2500 BC. Kunato-ohkami is the deity in the form of a ring-shaped stone that has been worshipped since the Jomon period, and is the deity of this church. According to kagura folklore in Bungo-Ono City, Oita Prefecture, Sarutahiko-no-mikoto created the Goshiki-jin  The Jomon people are called the Yamato people.

In the mythology of the Chronicles, Kunato-no-okami is considered the model for Izanagino-no-mikoto, and shrines where Sarutahiko-no-mikoto appears in the "Mysterious Door" include Kashima, Katori Jingu Shrine, Amateru Shrine, Iwafune Shrine, Amenokaguyama Shrine, and Hie Shrine. According to the shrine legend of Kashima Jingu Shrine, Takemikazuchi was born near Amenokaguyama. Messiah says that "there are many gods named after places" and that "gods have various roles and occupations." According to the sainokami belief, Sarutahiko is the son of Kunato, and the genealogy of Kunato = Izanagi no Mikoto = Amaterasu is established.

If we go further back in the world, one theory is that it leads to the Egyptian pharaohs, and Moses is said to be the model for Aquaten, which seems to lead to the god Kunath.

This would lead us to the gods of the world.

Further exploration reveals the history of the Kunato-ojin clan, who were attacked by Susanowo and defeated by the Tenson and lost power. This is as the teachings say.

Nowadays, a wealth of information can be obtained by searching and browsing through materials written by researchers and history buffs. It is gratifying that even an inexperienced researcher like myself can come into contact with such information and deepen my knowledge. Today, the history of the rise and fall of the Yamato kingdom is recorded in the Chronicles and myths, and the genealogy is complex and difficult to understand. However, by reading "The Mystical Doors," one can understand that history more succinctly.

As to why it was not known until now that Lord Sarutahiko-no-mikoto is Amaterasu, I understand that the time was right. I sincerely feel that it was important to receive Amaterasu in a concrete way for the first time through a Shinto ritual, and that we had a great mission to correct and reveal the truth of history that has been hidden by books. This can only be done by the power of the Lord God.

I am convinced that by making Sarutahiko-no-mikoto's presence widely known and recognizing the true presence of Amaterasu, we will be able to connect to the deities of the world, open the doors of the world, lead to world peace, and receive more light and power toward Miroku's world.

Tsubakiookamiyashiro Shrine had a branch in the U.S., but in March 2023, its sacred body was transferred to the Shimyo Spiritual Center in Canada. It is said that Japan and the United States are spirit and body, sutra and latitude, from which true civilization is born and the essence of the salvation religion is found, and it is our earnest hope that this will lead to a glowing future world.

Thank you for reading.

I hope that this truth will be known to people all over the world.

Please accept God's will and treat it with the utmost courtesy.

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